Windmill ECE sessions

Jannah regularly goes into ECE centres around the wider Wellington region to deliver fun, interactive, educational music sessions. These sessions work really well as your special event for the term, and have the added benefit of giving your teachers great ideas for songs, activities, and other resources for mat time.

Each session lasts around 40 minutes, and includes the use of the ukelele, cello, recorder family (sopranino, descant, alto, and tenor), tuned rainbow bells, kazoo, and more! Jannah provides teachers with a resource sheet detailing the songs she has used as well as further ideas for teaching. She can also provide centres with a Windmill 'koha' sheet for families if required. Sessions cost $120.00 total. 

Jannah is also available for regular (usually monthly or fortnightly) sessions in ECE centres.

Please contact Jannah for more details. 


'Having Jannah in our kindergarten has been a fantastic experience for our Tamariki and teachers alike. Jannah has a genuine passion for the work she does and this is evident in the way she interacts with the children. Jannah has provided a wide range of activities for the children, from singing to interactive (movement and song) experiences. Jannah knows how to engage and get the children involved and excited about what they are learning and the smiles beamed across the faces of our Tamariki encapsulate this. I would highly recommend Jannah to come in and lead a music session where learning is made fun.' - Lisa, Tawa Central Kindergarten.

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