Birthday Parties

Windmill Music Birthday Parties
If you need a fun, interactive, age-appropriate birthday party guest then look no further than Windmill Music! Jannah can come to you and be the party entertainment for your 1 -  6 year old. I provide a fun, music-infused birthday show that's tailored for your child's age, and gives a nod to the birthday day child several times during the session. 
Each session includes:
- 30 mins of interactive songs - traditional favourites, fun originals, action songs
- Variety of instruments: piano, ukelele, kazoo, recorder, cello or saxophone
- Puppets, coloured scarves, rainbow bells...
- Personalised birthday song for your child, including name and age: sung in the session and provided as a CD recording too. 
- Small musical birthday gift for birthday child
- Coloured Windmill for each child to take home
Birthday party prices:
Up to ten children: $145.00 inc. GST and travel
More than ten children: $170.00 inc. GST and travel
Please note:
- I am only available on Saturdays for birthday parties, but am pretty flexible on that day
"Thank you thank you! That was just amazing - you are so talented and kind with the children - they adored the session. Hugh is just in heaven over his new song."
- Nicola Cranfield, Wellington (Hugh's 3rd Birthday)

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